Organisational design

An organisation structure translates strategy into tangible results. It is used to manage assets, control resources, create value and, most of all, empower people to excel and to spur success.

Over time, the disorder is introduced by poorly planned changes, new reporting relationships and narrow spans of control. This can increase costs dramatically, which reduces competitiveness and profitability. Clients want to cut through the clutter, so we remove managerial layers and create new structures, accountabilities and procedures.​

We can help you improve operational profitability, and performance and reduce costs.​

We can support restructures or organisation design, by providing support where you need it. This can include:​

  • reviewing a structure and providing a fresh perspective on its effectiveness
  • designing and developing a target operating model and exploring new operating models
  • creating high-level organisation design principles and conducting high-level and detailed designs
  • creating implementation plans and supporting or managing the implementation of a new structure.

We use a variety of organisational structure analysis (OSA) tools to map the current organisation structure and people and to assess current and future activities, their underlying rationale and how they contribute to achieving the desired results and outcomes.

​We also use benchmark data to inform our analysis and results.

Why use us?

  • Our work is based on the belief that organisations should be designed around the core processes that create value for customers and that flatter structures lead to better managerial performance, more highly motivated staff, speedier communication and shared goals. Having fewer layers is also a powerful antidote to managerial remoteness.
  • We don’t present pre-prepared model solutions, but instead listen and quickly get to understand the wider business drivers and your culture.

​​We offer:

  • ​Objectivity – robust analysis and challenge from independent specialists who have no vested interest.
  • Clear and specific outcomes – recommendations that identify what senior managers need to consider.
  • Rigour combined with pace, provides sufficient understanding for managers to act.
  • We have experience in multiple sectors: aerospace, construction and building products; consumer goods; distribution; energy; engineering, nuclear and transport; housing associations and other third sector organisations. In central Government departments, we have streamlined operations and helped Executive Agencies to integrate new services and reduce costs.

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