Performance management

We have years of experience in designing and implementing successful performance management systems for organisations in different sectors, as well as training managers to develop the skills to use them. These systems are tailored specifically to meet the needs and culture of the organisation and can be linked to pay.

Traditional performance management tools have often proved unsatisfactory. They focused on historic performance, took time and needed considerable resources. We favour a more modern approach that moves away from an annual appraisal with a forced ranking to a continual discussion, with clear goals, aligned to corporate strategy and objectives.​

Organisations need integrated processes that incorporate goal-setting, performance appraisal and personal development in a single framework.​

We can:

  • review performance management processes and tools (appraisals, reviews, goal-setting and more)
  • establish new systems and appropriate tools
  • design a bespoke performance or contribution pay system that links to your existing performance management system
  • design a new performance management system
  • assess role profiles and job descriptions
  • evaluate jobs, and create a job grading system and framework
  • develop responsibility and accountability matrices for managers
  • create a new competency framework
  • train your performance managers.

Why use us?

  • We focus on systems and approaches that measure the quality of appraisals and the quality and effect of the dialogue. Managers should be judged by how well they motivate their employees and how much performance management affects their engagement.
  • We favour discussions that rely on evidence and not ones that use, at least in part or sub-consciously, comparisons between employees.
  • We believe that it’s a ‘fool’s errand’ to try to identify and quantify shades of differential performance between the vast majority of employees, who do a good job but are not among either the few superstars or the few problem children (two groups that are perfectly obvious to other employees).
  • We focus the process on a dialogue about how to improve by learning from past and current performance and feedback.

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