Fixed fee support

An all-inclusive solution for your business’s employment law, employee relations, and HR needs, our fixed fee support package offers complete, ongoing access to our team’s wealth of expertise. You’ll benefit from direct contact with experienced employment lawyers and HR professionals for an agreed-upon fee.

In addition to helping you move forward, the fixed fee package includes a comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures. Following this, our experts will recommend how to proceed, ensuring you’re fully compliant with the law. We’ll do this by following professional best practices, but also have bespoke policies and procedures that really work for you.

The service also gives you access to our real-time database, enabling you to review advice given by telephone, and know what issues we have advised on. You can also access any templates for workplace correspondence, policies and guidance. Should you require practice liability insurance, we’re able to refer you to an appropriate provider. This won’t require any follow-up legal advice and offers continuous coverage.

What do we offer

  • Comprehensive advice for all your employment law and HR needs.
  • A dedicated expert who will always be available to offer guidance.
  • Continuous support that’s available face-to-face, over the telephone or via e-mail.
  • A review meeting once a year for an in-depth examination of your current HR function.
  • A comprehensive audit of your employment policies to ensure compliance across the board.
  • Complete access to templates for workplace correspondence, policies and guidance.
  • A complimentary copy of our Employment Law for Line Managers handbook, which is updated annually.
  • Integrated access to insurance experts for tailored products to suit your business.

Why use us

  • A competitive fixed rate for all our services.
  • Flexible contracts without lengthy tie-ins.
  • Experienced employment solicitors and HR professionals with a high level of commercial awareness and technical skills.
  • Considerable collective experience to help you manage situations effectively.
  • A consistent practical approach that can be adapted to fit your company’s individual way of working.
  • Discounted rates across additional services such as handling employment tribunal claims.

Is Fixed Fee Employment Law Advice Right for You?

​Our fixed-fee support package is suitable for a wide range of businesses. Many small businesses opt for a fixed fee service to mitigate unexpected legal costs that could disrupt cash flow. We maintain complete transparency and always present you with costs upfront. Should you require additional support outside of your fixed fee package, we will negotiate fees before starting work to ensure mutual agreement and understanding.​

Instances where advice may fall outside of your fixed fee package include:​

  • The claim requires our employment law solicitors to review a large number of documents or take into consideration many parties and witnesses.
  • Should existing claims need amendments or additional defence, this could amount to extra charges.
  • Complex cases that involve claims of discrimination, disabilities, unfair dismissals or other sensitive areas requiring close attention.

​Additional legal fees will be subject to the complexity of the claim and may vary. However, any costs will be discussed in detail when the case is first brought to our attention. You will be able to decide how you would like to proceed before incurring any extra costs.

Equally, you will not be charged for advice and services you do not require. While our fixed fee package covers a range of matters from employment law documentation to dismissal claims, the total costs will only reflect the work we agreed upon.

Types of Employment Law Claims and Disputes

The types of claims we offer legal advice on are varied. Our employment law solicitors are experienced in disputes, tribunals and contracts. Here are some examples of instances when you might work with us towards a solution:

  • Unfair dismissal and disciplinary hearings
  • Disputes over pay, including but not limited to equal pay claims and bonus disputes.
  • Discrimination and bullying cases
  • Redundancy, retirement and termination contracts
  • Other disruptive situations that may have legal repercussions
  • Contract advice on adjustments and changes in your workforce

​Because our services also include HR, any legal advice will be supported by a deep understanding of employee relations. Whether a legal claim is being made against your business or you are preparing for redundancies, our specialist team will ensure clear communication is maintained between all parties.

​Typical Timelines for Fixed Fee Employment Law Services

Timelines can vary depending on the complexity of the matter at hand, but we’d typically expect our fixed fee employment law services to reach a resolution within six weeks. This is often much sooner for routine advice and may be longer depending on the nature of more complex claims. When discussing the fee for the services you require, we will always have an estimated timeframe for you as well.

​Should your case develop as a result of new information or changes in circumstance, it could take our employment law solicitors much longer to resolve. In these cases, we can advise you accordingly and indicate how much your final fee is likely to be. We will always inform you if any of our other packages would be better suited to your needs.

Enquire About Fixed Fee Advice

For more details concerning costs and services, please get in touch with our team. We will work with you to find a pre-agreed upon fee to suit your business’s legal needs. Our flexible packages can be adjusted as time goes on to suit new developments in your HR structure. Whether you’re searching for legal advice or additional employment relations services as well, our fixed-fee services can cover both areas without any unexpected costs.

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