Job evaluation

Survey after survey, and our own experience with clients, confirm that job evaluation:

  • helps companies make reliable reward decisions – a vital element in effective pay management.

  • helps reduce and slow the rate of growth in the pay bill – savings of 1% to 5% are not unusual

  • mitigates legal and compliance risk – essential to achieving and demonstrating equal pay for work of equal value.

  • is not inefficient – it reduces time required to respond to individual grading requests.

  • is not expensive – the ongoing unit cost of job evaluation work is declining.


As specialists in analytical and non-analytical job evaluation schemes, we can work with you to design a bespoke scheme that suits the needs of your company.

Most successful equal pay claims occur because the company did not use an analytical job evaluation scheme to measure job size.

To ensure that your job evaluation scheme works in practice as well as theory, it needs to be robust, transparent and consistently applied. If it is applied correctly it will ensure you comply with the Equality Act 2010 and enable you to measure the relative values of your roles.


Our services include:

  • expertise in a variety of analytical job evaluation schemes.

  • our proprietary analytical system – a framework that can be tailored to match the culture of your organisation and linked to your existing grading or competency framework or can be used to underpin a new framework.  We can add the capability to model pay and grading.

  • project management and planning service to ensure an effective partnership with you including:

    • union consultations

    • communication and engagement

    • developing job families

    • designing a grade framework, pay progression mechanisms etc.

    • training in job evaluation.

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