Managing Sickness Absence

We can help you to understand your sickness absence, and to actively manage and improve it.

We’ll help you create a clear sickness policy that works for your business and the type of work your employees do.

We can help you understand when you will need to get medical evidence and make sure you follow a fair process before making any decisions.  This will help you to defend an unfair dismissal or discrimination claim.

We can also train your line managers to make sure they understand your policy and their role in implementing it, which ensures more active management of absence throughout your business.

Our team can help you get absent employees back to work as quickly as possible.

We can advise on

  • Managing both short-term and long-term absenteeism.
  • Getting advice on medical conditions from a GP or other medical professional.
  • The process you should follow when an employee has been repeatedly absent from work.
  • Medical conditions that fit the legal definition of a disability and the implementation of any reasonable adjustments.
  • How to manage situations where sickness is not genuine.
  • How to manage absence where an employee’s return to work is unlikely.

Why use us?

  • We have years of experience helping employers of all sizes manage hundreds of thousands of cases of employee absence.
  • We can help you sort out current problems and minimise future ones.
  • With our detailed knowledge of employment law and vast experience of litigation we’ll give you practical guidance for your business and employees that helps you achieve the results you want whilst managing risk.
  • We will listen to you, get to know your business and give you practical advice to solve your problems efficiently.

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