Flexible Working

Flexible working requests are on the rise as employees seek working arrangements tailored to their lifestyles and personal situations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly flexible and home working arrangements have, out of necessity, become common, making it more likely that future requests will be even more prevalent and varied.  Many businesses are reducing their physical footprint and moving to home working.

Our expert employment law solicitors can advise on your obligations as an employer when you plan changes to a more agile, or home-based workforce and deal with requests from employees for flexible or home working arrangements.  We can help you to follow the right procedures when you make changes and to interpret the guidelines so that you stay legally compliant, support your employees and protect your business interests.

We can advise how

  • to manage remote working effectively.
  • to implement home working contracts and change terms and conditions.
  • to create effective home working policies and procedures.
  • to protect your business and manage GDPR with remote working.
  • to know what type and when someone ask to work flexibly or work from home.
  • to consider requests for flexible and home working.
  • to decide if it is appropriate to refuse a statutory request for flexible working and what you should consider.
  • to avoid indirect discrimination arising from flexible and home working requests.
  • to draft effective flexible working policies.
  • to manage the practical considerations required when a workforce is working flexibly and/or remotely.

Why use us?

  • With our detailed knowledge of employment law, we’ll give you practical guidance that’s specific to your business and employees and helps to achieve your goals.
  • We have successfully helped clients move hundreds of employees from traditional office arrangements to permanent home working and supported clients with a huge range of flexible working requests.
  • We will listen to you, get to know your business and give you practical advice to solve your problems efficiently.
  • Clients choose us because we offer both one-off advice and long-term support and we are highly responsive.

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