Equal Pay

We advise all businesses on the full range of increasingly complex legislation, including equal pay.  We can calculate gender pay gaps for statutory and for other reporting and auditing purposes.  As your business’s structure becomes more complex, you face an increasing risk of equal pay claims and arguments about ‘work of equal value’.

Why use us?

  • We have years of experience and wide-ranging expertise that we can use to help you make sure you are complying with the law – both now and in the future.  Our support helps you to avoid and, where necessary, to defend equal pay allegations and claims.
  • Our breadth of experience and technical knowledge of equal pay, discrimination and equality law makes us well-placed to help employers avoid the financial and reputational damage that can be caused by problems in this area.
  • We provide practical actions or activities you can use to support your future equality ambitions.

“Watershed’s review process was prompt and thorough and they provided clear options and recommendations that gave us what we needed to tackle the problems we had identified.”

Andrew McBride, Head of Global Human Resources, Gooch & Housego

What can we do for you?

  • Audit your payroll for likely equal pay problems.
  • Carry out job evaluations to identify like work and work of equal value.
  • Help you create and put in place new pay structures to avoid equal pay claims.
  • Advise about the strength of equal pay claims.
  • Defend equal pay claims.
  • Calculate gender pay gaps.
  • Produce statutory gender pay gap reports.
  • Help you understand and explain your gender pay gap.
  • Help you plan to reduce your gender pay gap.

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