Staff members who fail to return from holiday on time

Cancelled flights are causing travel chaos. What can you do if an employee cannot report for work on their expected return date?

Where your employee is stuck abroad through no fault of their own and they’re keeping you informed about the situation, you shouldn’t treat it as a disciplinary matter.

If you haven’t heard from an employee who is due at work, don’t wait for them to contact you. You need to know why they are absent and when they will be back. Telephone. At least twice. Leave messages if they don’t answer. Once the employee returns, ask for evidence to explain their delayed return, for example, proof of a cancelled flight and details of their new, later flight. You need to be satisfied that their extended absence was genuine and for a reason beyond their control. Where you are satisfied, then agree with them on how to treat the additional time off work. Paid or unpaid leave. You could agree that they will gradually make up for the lost time by working more hours.