Should you worry about ‘white fonting’?

What is it?

White fonting is the practice of inserting hidden keywords into an electronic document by using a white font on a white background. This makes the keywords invisible to the human eye but still visible to computer programs that scan for them. ​

How do people use it?

Some candidates have started using white fonting in their CVs by hiding keywords taken from the job description, which may allow their CVs to pass the initial screening stage if the employer uses AI screening software.

Is there anything you can do about it?

Employers can easily detect white fonting by clicking ‘select all’ and changing the font to black, revealing any hidden white text.

What’s wrong with it?

White fonting is considered dishonest and suggests that the candidate may not be the right fit for the job if they have to resort to this tactic to get their CV noticed.

What should you do now?

Be aware of white fonting and consider checking applicants’ CVs for it. White fonting can indicate that a candidate is dishonest and unsuitable for your business.