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Covid-19: new vaccination guidance for employers

The government has published new guidance for employers on Covid-19

vaccination, which includes information and resources to help support staff and

promote the programme.

So, what should you do?

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, so adopt an open and

conciliatory approach.


Share the facts about vaccination. Direct people to trusted sources of information

when they ask for more details. Share practical information about how to get

vaccinated. You speak to your employees regularly so use those media such as

newsletters, intranet, and e-mails to explain the importance of Covid-19

vaccination., as well as how and where to get the vaccine in their local area.

Here is a communication toolkit from Public Health England that will help. It includes

a question and answer document, editorial content covering essential vaccination

information, scripts to inform internal conversations, links to videos and webinars,

posters, screensavers, intranet banners and e-mail signatures.


Your senior leaders should show support for vaccination and share their

experiences. That will help to allay fears. Consider using departmental ‘champions’

to promote vaccination.


Point employees to experts and community leaders who are promoting the vaccine.

The toolkit provides links to videos and webinars with experts and leaders that you

can share with your employees.


Consider allowing time off to get vaccinated. Decide whether you will pay for the


These measures will be cheaper and quicker than replacing people.

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