No one named. No one shamed

The Employment Tribunal Naming Scheme database was created four years ago to list employers who have failed to pay workers’ compensation ordered by employment tribunals. Not one has been added to the list.

In December 2018, the government announced a scheme to name and shame employers who fail to pay employment tribunal awards within a prescribed time limit. The scheme would publish the name of the employer and the amount of the unpaid award on the website.

A Freedom of Information (‘FOI’) request has revealed that, since the announcement, the Department for Business and Trade has been notified 3,713 times about employers who have failed to comply with awards issued by employment tribunals. However, no names of defaulting employers have been published under the scheme.

The FOI also revealed that fewer than 50% of employers pay successful claimants all or any of the money they have won within 28 days of being ordered to do so.

Source: The Guardian – UKs rogue boss name and shame register still blank after four years