Is a job applicant entitled to see their interview notes?

Yes. The General Data Protection Regulation gives job applicants the right to see any interview notes that are held in an electronic format. That includes those held on a PC or in cloud storage. It also includes those that form part of a paper-based ‘relevant filing system’. This could be the interviewer’s handwritten notes filed chronologically or in alphabetical order. With this in mind, ensure that all interviewers know that a job applicant may request access to their interview notes.

Interview notes should not be retained indefinitely. However, they should be kept for long enough to enable you to defend a tribunal claim. A job applicant may accuse you of discrimination. There are time limits in discrimination legislation, but you should retain recruitment records for a year as the time limit for bringing a claim can be extended.

You can explain how long a job applicant’s data will be retained in your GDPR privacy notice for job applicants.