British Standards Institute publishes new code of practice on workplace diversity, equity and inclus

The Code makes the business case for DEI and its link to performance. It uses practical guidance and tools to encourage, promote, and support DEI in the workplace. The document advises your business to select the most appropriate guidance for you and to adopt a phased approach so that you can measure progress and results.

Five-step approach


Your policies and practices should help promote, support and manage DEI in your business.



Five-step plan

The Code gives an example of a simple five-step plan.


Secure the engagement and support of the right individuals in the organisation or leadership team.


Agree action points that are realistic, achievable and appropriate to your business. Each action should have clear answers to the question: What? Why? Who? How? When?


Assign clear roles and responsibilities to individuals and teams responsible for results.


Tracking progress confirms that agreed actions are being implemented. Effective measurement needs a starting point and an endpoint: What do things look like now vs what you want them to look like?


What does success look like? It is important to acknowledge success. Success could be completing all of the agreed actions, or it could be completing each individual action in its own right.

Source: BSI: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Code of Practice, 20 June 2023