Boots to stop hybrid working

Boots has decided to end its hybrid working policy and require all office employees to work full-time in the office.

Previously, employees were allowed to work remotely two days a week but starting on 1st September 2024 they will be expected to be in the office daily.  Boots UK’s Managing Director, Seb James, believes this change will make the business more effective and improve the Boots culture.

This decision aligns with a broader trend of companies shifting towards office-based working, as seen with other large employers such as Nationwide and Deutsche Bank.  However, a report by Grant Thornton warns that this shift may have negative implications for equality.  The report highlights that businesses led by male CEOs are more likely to be office-based than those led by female CEOs.

Additionally, businesses with primarily office-based workers have a lower percentage of women in senior manager roles compared to the global benchmark.

Sources: Boots to end hybrid working for office workers,, 7 March 2024