Investigation and Grievance

Any incidence of employee misconduct that may result in dismissal must be investigated properly or risk that any later dismissal will be unfair.  Similarly, grievances and whistleblowing will require thorough investigation.  As well as advising on the conduct and outcomes of investigations we can also investigate and assist you to determine the right response to ensure procedural fairness and help protect the organisation. This ensures you are able to rely on the outcomes of the investigation in any subsequent steps, disciplinary action or litigation.

We can also train your managers to conduct effective, legally compliant workplace investigations helping to safeguard your organisation from the cost of unfair dismissals.

When an investigation is not the right response, or formal action has not resolved matters we can also help with workplace mediation.  We can help you to recognise when an investigation is not, or no longer, appropriate.  We can act as mediators to resolve conflict in a fair and compliant manner.