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Employment law update - What you need to know
Manchester on 12th October 2021 and London on 14th October 2021

This event marks the return of our ever popular short seminars. These sessions complement our annual employment law updates in June.


Our team of experienced employment lawyers will cover interesting areas such as:


Creating a hybrid working model

  • What roles are suitable for hybrid working?

  • What are the legal considerations?

  • What should a hybrid working policy cover?


Coronavirus latest

  • Can an employer require employees to be tested for coronavirus (Covid-19)?

  • Can an employer require employees to have a coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination?

  • If an employee is advised to self-isolate, what should you pay them?

Managing an employee's mental health

  • What are the risks?

  • Who might be at risk?

  • How can you help?


Difficult redundancy selection exercises

  • How can you score people consistently and fairly?

  • How can disability and maternity affect selection?

  • When can you use competitive interviews?


There is no charge to attend. The seminars will start at 9.15am, and finish by 11.15am. Refreshments will be available at 8.45am (with registration) and during a mid-morning break.

Returning to the office

Thursday 27th May 

​Covid-19 forced many to work remotely.  But what now? A return to March 2020; full remote working; or a hybrid of home and office working?

In the webinar we answer:

  • How can you move to hybrid working?

  • How should you deal with an employee who refuses to attend work because of Covid-19?

  • Can you make Covid-19 workplace testing compulsory?

  • What should an employer do when absence is caused by stress at work?

Quarterly update

Wednesday 21st April 

We covered a selection of recent updates and news stories.  The topics covered include:

  • Can no jab mean no job?

  • Can we negotiate directly with employees when negotiations with the union are at an impasse?

  • After Smith v Pimlico Plumbers Limited, how far back can a worker who was wrongly classified as self-employed claim for unpaid holidays?

  • When can costs justify indirect discrimination?  Has the costs plus rule changed? 

  • April uplifts.

IR35 and the Uber case

Tuesday 16th March

In addition to explaining how we can help you assess IR35 status, we will answer:

  • To what type of engagement will the new rules apply?

  • Must you complete status determination statements and to whom should you give them?

  • What are the consequences of getting the status determination statements wrong?


On Uber:


  • Why did the UK Supreme Court decide that Uber drivers are 'workers' for UK employment law purposes?

  • What does it mean for employers?

  • What should you do now?