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Employment law update October 2022 - How can you build an inclusive business?
London on 19th October 2022 and Manchester on 20th October 2022

Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace improves morale, boosts innovation and enhances business success. How can you do it?


In five practical and engaging sessions, our team of experienced employment lawyers will answer:


1    What are the case law developments on expressing gender-critical beliefs at work?

2    How should you support employees who are experiencing the menopause?

3    How can you foster a culture that includes transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming employees?

4    How should your business embrace and support neurodiversity?

5    How must you protect your business from discrimination claims?


There is no charge to attend. The seminars will start at 9.45am and finish by 12.30pm. Refreshments will be available from 9.15am (with registration) and during a mid-morning break.

Previous events

Employment law update June 2022 - we're back
Manchester on 14th June 2022 and London on 16th June 2022

We are back, in person, for Watershed's free annual update on employment law for 2022. As usual we will be in Manchester and London in June. I do hope you will be able to join us.


After two years of Covid-19, furlough, lock-downs and either working from home, or trying to cope with 'business as usual' through the pandemic, like everyone we are trying to move on and focus on what lies ahead; but undoubtedly Covid- 19 will get a mention as it continues to have an impact, albeit a lesser one.


In the new (mainly) post-Covid world, the employment landscape looks different. New expectations born out of re-evaluating priorities and inevitable change mean employers must keep up with new working methods, different approaches and shifting priorities. So, we will look at modernising policies and procedures, flexible and hybrid working and the implications of a four-day week.


After several requests at our last seminar, we will also give an overview and refresher on TUPE (or the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations as you may otherwise know it) and look at how to navigate the law on changing terms and conditions after a TUPE transfer. We'll talk about how to deal with those who serially raise grievances and discuss some of the complex issues that arise in disciplinaries, such as requests to cross-examine witnesses, attempts to delay and bringing up health issues for the first time. We will also look at the controversial and newsworthy practice of firing and rehiring when effecting organisational change, the law and the risks.


And of course, our annual update would not be complete without our in-depth look at recent case law, covering cases on discrimination, unfair dismissal, and redundancy. We will guide you through what's happening in employment law now, summarising recent legislative changes that you need to know about, as well as covering what changes are on the horizon. As usual we will help you deal with the challenges employment law poses.


There is no charge to attend. Each day starts at 9.15am and finishes at around 3.45pm. Refreshments will be provided at registration (8.45am), at morning and afternoon breaks and in the form of a buffet at lunch.


There will also be an opportunity to learn about our wider work on HR matters and all delegates will receive the new edition of our handbook, Employment law for line managers. We hope you will be able to join us.

Employment law update - six thorny questions
London on 26th April 2022 and Manchester on 28th April 2022

Our team of experienced employment lawyers will explore:


  1. How should we deal with an employee who has anxiety about returning to work in the office, when they could work from home, but we don’t want them to?

  2. Why has P&O done what it's done and is it legal? What can we learn from it?

  3. Our employee's expression of their beliefs is starting to be disruptive. When do their beliefs become protected under the Equality Act 2010 and what can we do about the situation?

  4. Our employee is under investigation by the police for a serious offence. We can't prove whether the allegations are true, but we have lost trust and confidence in them. Will it be fair to dismiss?

  5. What can I do about an employee who is currently off sick with stress but is posting photos of themselves partying, climbing mountains and skydiving on social media?

  6. After accepting an alternative position during a redundancy consultation, an employee is not performing in their new role. How do we deal with this?


There is no charge to attend. The seminars will start at 9.15am, and finish by 11.15am. Refreshments will be available at 8.45am (with registration) and during a mid-morning break.


Employment law update - What you need to know
Manchester on 12th October 2021 and London on 14th October 2021

This event marks the return of our ever popular short seminars. These sessions complement our annual employment law updates in June.


Our team of experienced employment lawyers will cover interesting areas such as:


Creating a hybrid working model

  • What roles are suitable for hybrid working?

  • What are the legal considerations?

  • What should a hybrid working policy cover?


Coronavirus latest

  • Can an employer require employees to be tested for coronavirus (Covid-19)?

  • Can an employer require employees to have a coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination?

  • If an employee is advised to self-isolate, what should you pay them?

Managing an employee's mental health

  • What are the risks?

  • Who might be at risk?

  • How can you help?


Difficult redundancy selection exercises

  • How can you score people consistently and fairly?

  • How can disability and maternity affect selection?

  • When can you use competitive interviews?


There is no charge to attend. The seminars will start at 9.15am, and finish by 11.15am. Refreshments will be available at 8.45am (with registration) and during a mid-morning break.

Returning to the office

Thursday 27th May 

​Covid-19 forced many to work remotely.  But what now? A return to March 2020; full remote working; or a hybrid of home and office working?

In the webinar we answer:

  • How can you move to hybrid working?

  • How should you deal with an employee who refuses to attend work because of Covid-19?

  • Can you make Covid-19 workplace testing compulsory?

  • What should an employer do when absence is caused by stress at work?