30.09.2015 // Professor John Fyfe CBE

30th September 2015

On 30th September 2015 we held a dinner at the Royal Automobile Club in London with Professor John Fyfe CBE


John Clarke, Chief Executive Officer – Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Philippa Harvey, Head Beckett House Bid Team – Home Office

Sue Ion, Vice President – The Royal Academy of Engineering

Commodore Ben Kay, Head of Training – Ministry of Defence

Lord Andrew Mawson – Andrew Mawson Partnership

Jeremy Pocklington, Director General of Markets and Infrastructure – Department of Energy and Climate Change

Mark Russell, Chief Executive Officer – Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Tom Samson, Chief Executive Officer – NuGeneration

Jason Smith, President Nuclear – Rolls-Royce plc

Sir Kevin Tebbit, Advisor to the Chairman – AECOM