Pay, grading and salary structures

We have wide experience designing pay and salary structures that not only to match the needs and culture of your company, but also conform to equal pay audit standards.


Our services include:

  • analysing your terms and conditions and advising where you may wish to focus and how to mitigate risks such as a gender or BAME pay gap

  • designing new pay and grading structures and frameworks.  Many organisations have legacy structures that put a large proportion of the workforce at the top of their grades.  This means there is little flexibility to react to the market or provide progression to top performers.  We can help you migrate to more flexible structures that also control pay and grade drift

  • evaluating jobs – we can provide, or recommend, job design and evaluation models to compare against your current terms and conditions. We can also help you to implement a job evaluation framework.  We have our own analytical job evaluation scheme used by clients

  • harmonising terms and conditions – we can develop a practical and fully costed short, medium and long-term plan for harmonisation and we can manage or support its implementation where required.  We can engage or negotiate with unions on your behalf.  We have deep expertise in changing employee contracts and TUPE changes to terms and conditions.

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