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Returning to the office

Thursday 27th May 11am

About the session

Covid-19 enforced many to work remotely.  But what now? A return to March 2020; full remote working; or a hybrid of home and office working?

High-profile businesses are adopting different approaches.  Google has announced that from 1st September 2021, any employee who wishes to work out of the office for more than 14 days per year will need to formally apply for permission. Whereas Facebook considers home working to be the future. It plans to allow its employees to continue working from home. Spotify announced that in the future it is going to allow all its employees to choose where to work, whether that is in the office or at home, and their geographic location.  Subject to time zone difficulties, its staff members can work from anywhere.

Decide now what is best for your people and your business.  Do get in touch if you need help.

In our next free webinar, on Thursday 27th May, we will answer:

  • How can you move to hybrid working?

  • How should you deal with an employee who refuses to attend work because of Covid-19?

  • Can you make Covid-19 workplace testing compulsory?

  • What should an employer do when absence is caused by stress at work?



The webinar will run for approximately 30 minutes and is free to attend.  Everybody is welcome to join us.

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